Kidlington Centre Frontage

Last September we were approached by the management company of The Kidlington Centre, enquiring whether we could help them with creating some graphics and artwork for the front of the shopping centre, as part of an ongoing project to make it more eye-catching and encourage the public to explore the shops inside.

They wanted graphics to tell the story of the businesses that can be found in the centre. Tim Hughes, one of our senior designers at ODI, came up with the concept of the “Tree” as a device to tie the graphics together and put together a series of visuals to show concept and style. The client was very happy with it and so the job was on!

Early concepts


Working with the centre’s marketing manager, Mary Perry, a brief was developed to define what we wanted to achieve and to help the various shop and business owners get involved by coming up with an idea of what could represent them in graphics and artwork on the front of the building. The nearby river Cherwell is also incorporated as it is very much part of the story of the local area.

Tim chose some samples of artists he considered would be suitable for the concept and the client actually went for the artist who he felt was just right: Andrew Painter. You can see more of his work here.

Mary did a great job at getting feedback from the business owners in the centre and encouraging them to contribute to the artwork brief, so that the images which they felt best represented them could be included. This consultation process was quite time consuming and we had to push back the original deadline, but we all felt it was important to allow time for everyone to be involved, as this was going to be seen by everyone in the local area.

Andrew Painter produced some wonderful artwork and the installation was carried out by Oxford based company Vinyl Revolution over the course of a single day in July. Below is a picture of the completed installation. However, it is much better appreciated in person, so do stop by and have a look at the centre’s bright new look if you find yourself anywhere near Kidlington High Street!


​…and after!

Take a look at the Oxford Mail Article here.

Many thanks to Kim Martin for the photographs, take a look at his website here.

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